Meteor Motorsport

About us

Llys y Fran with our Caterham Hayabusa, slicks and at this time developing the Quantum 2 way Zero.Two dampers.

Meteor have been trading over 7 years. Specializing in Suspension and having our own damper dynamometer (to our knowledge the only commercial one available in South Wales) we have formed strong links with leading car engineers and suspension manufacturers such as Ohlins, Penske, Quantum and Nitron.

Bringing the same levels of customer service and knowledge to other marques. Always taking time to find out the exact requirements of the customer. Upgrading road suspension or supplying top of the range dampers for a race car we can ensure the engineers get all the necessary information to build you the right kit.



  • Now available. Alfa 4C Tractive ACE (Active Ride). This provides a game changing ride over the bone shaking OE setup. Call us for more information.

  • What a weekend BAS2 was. A rough track really showing cars that were set up well. Although it could catch anyone out if you caught a bump or hole wrong. I have not listed all our customers - too many these days but here are the finalists. Class 4 TA12 Dorian Davies 4th Class 5 Mark Uka 4th Class 5 Ian Thorndyke 7th (What happened there after 3 Heat wins)? Class 5 Ladies Donna Forrest 4th Class 6 Jordan Hampson 1st Class 6 Jonny Barber 2nd Class 6 Andy Russell 4th Class 6 Sam French Class 6 Fiona Thomas 2nd Class 6 Chloe Hampson Class 6 Sarah Trott Class 7 Phil Rogers 3rd (75% Penske and 25% Nitron 😮 ) Class 8 Dan Thomas 1st Well done everyone. Here are just some of our friends and customers in action.