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We think Meteor Motorsport is a little different to other suppliers.

I have owned a 7, upgraded a 7, built a 7 and rebuilt a 7 many times.  My first Caterham 7 arrived in 1993.

I have competed in both hillclimb and sprint since 2002 and long before Meteor Motorsport began was well known for my interest in suspension.

I have been successful in the Lotus 7 Club Speed Championship classes a number of times and also satisfyingly been awarded the overall Championship trophy.

This section of our website will list most of the products we can supply and a little information about each item. We have many items that are designed to improve the look and performance of your Caterham 7. We have Carbon fibre, clear aeroscreens, seats and harnesses.  You will also find a large selection of suspension upgrades from basic replacement to full competition suspension and Powerflex bushes.

If there is an upgrade you are interested in or something you need but not listed please just ask. We are here to help if we can.

We have added the shop function to this new look site but you can not actually add anything to a shopping cart to pay for it.  By all means send a question or better still give me a call – I think it’s important to talk all these things through so we can make sure you get the correct item and the best specification for your needs.   This is the main reason we are different – you get the benefit of my experience for free.  You can certainly decide not to go with my recommendation – many choices are down to personal preference.

Please feel free to call me in the evening if you need.

Simon Rogers

Product Selection

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Brake Pads


Compomotive CXR 7x13 [ 1371 ] & CXR 8x13 [1381 ] 900

Steering Wheels

Hayabusa Conversions

Seats & Harnesses

Caterham Paddleshift


Batteries - Electronics