Aeroscreens & Carbon

Make sure you check out our exclusive Clear Perspex Aeroscreens. These have to be our top selling products!

The Aeroscreen is available for both CSR/SV and standard chassis 7’s.  It affords a better view of the nearside front corner and further ahead for those of the shorter stature who would still like to experience the wind in the hair (if you have any).

Simple to fit it comes with a centre support bracket and fixings along with rubber trim.

It will fit directly to the existing forward windscreen stanchion bolt holes.

Aeroscreen is definitely the way to go on track and some say all the time!

Customer photo from Italy of our clear Aeroscreen in place. Neat!


We are going to add items here as we become happy with availability.

At the moment its just the CSR style wide front wings.


Aeroscreens & Carbon
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