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Mintex M1144
The Mintex M1144 is a great all round pad and for those who predominantly drive on the road its probably the pad for you.

Mintex M1155
Mintex M1155 compound brake pads are designed for heavy fast-road use (especially on heavier cars) and track-day use. M1155 offers increased temperature resistance remaining fade resistance up to a high operating temperature of 600°C. The 0.4 friction coefficient is usable up to 700°C.
Suitable for for Group A and Group N Rally cars, Dirt track and Circuit use.

Mintex F6R
Mintex F6R was formulated to address specific applications needing medium to low torque with a high temperature threshold. These applications are almost all rear axle applications for front wheel drive and for live axle rear wheel drive applications. High heat tolerances with consistent repeatability were the two major requirements for this formulation.
Used in Endurance racing, Group N, Touring Cars etc. Good temperature resistance but without the high friction coefficient that could over-brake the rear of a Caterham fitted with the standard front calipers. This pad is now used widely in various Caterham race cars.

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