Caterham PaddleShift

At Meteor our Caterham PaddleShift is tried and tested.  We work with a number of established manufacturers who manufacture PaddleShift-Flatshift-Traction Control to provide dedicated packages adapted to suite your needs. We have partnerships with ECU, GCU and pneumatics manufacturers.  Additionally, we can arrange for bespoke motorsport harnesses or looms to be manufactured exactly to meet your requirements. All to the correct high specification.

The packages below are just some of the options available for a Caterham PaddleShift.   The permutations for a Caterham Paddleshift are wide ranging but we feel best placed to discuss these with you so that you can make the most informed choices available.

MBE, Shfitec, Life Racing and TTT Racing – Sweden.  All of these companies have motorsport heritage and large levels of experience.  We are generally able to create a package suitable to your needs for most of the commonly used Caterham sequential gearboxes.

Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Pneumatic Gear Shift Packages
Traction Control
Launch Control
ECU – Engine Control Unit
GCU – Gearbox Control Unit

M-Shift utilises a combined ECU/GCU making shift speeds even faster and smoother.

Check out our Paddleshift pages for further information.


Caterham 620R Shiftec Pneumatic Paddle Shift