Actuator 34mm

Our standard actuator. Providing low internal drag combined with great reliability. This actuator will fit the majority of installations and has been fitted to a wide range of gearboxes.

LMP1 Actuator

An example of one of our bespoke installations. This actuator is directly mounted to the gearbox rack and has run successfully at the LeMans 24 hrs.

Gear Shift Servo

Introduced during 2012 to some of our Le Mans GTE customers. Latest technology and design means this actuator provides the ultimate in performance.

Inline Blipper

One of several mechanical throttle blipper options. Acting directly onto a throttle mechanism, this blipper offers light weight and high performance.

Side Mount Blipper

Our most common throttle blipper. The side mounting allows for easy installation and packaging. The proven components provide amazing relaibility and speed.

Cable Blipper

Designed for installations where packaging is at a premium. The throttle cable runs through the blipper allowing freedom for mounting. Automatically blips the throttle during shifts to enable the smoothest, fastest and safest downshifting.

Power Blipper

Introduced during 2012. this blipper is powered in both directions allowing very high speed actuation and is very suited to remote installation away from the main pneumatic system.

Remote Blipper

A stand alone throttle blipper for use where the throttle linkage is a long distance from the main valve block, allowing quicker response times.

Self Centering Device

Designed to aid gearbox actuation levers to return to a central position.