Caterham suspension has always been an interest of mine.  Caterham 7 Suspension, Springs and handling have from the outset been the core interest of Meteor Motorsport. Caterham 7 Suspension is where the business has its roots and expertise. We have our own Suspension Dyno and just arrived a load testing dyno (for testing springs though their full range or an MTB for/air damper spring). These enable us to test, compare and develop new settings that would otherwise be impractical and probably impossible.


Couple the above facilities and experience with our knowledge of a Caterham 7 and you could say you have the ideal package. We have toured in a 7, gone on local “Blats”, driven to and from track days, trailered to track days and for the past 2 decades alongside all of the above we have competed at Sprint and Hillclimb events all over the UK. We even have a few wins and records to account for all this time and effort.

Dampers & Springs more commonly known together as “shock absorbers” are probably the most important aspect of your cars handling. Without the best handling you can not use your powerful engine.

It’s not all straightforward and many many mistakes in specification can and have been made.  Assembling and specifying a Caterham Shock Absorber begins long before we get any parts or springs. It begins with a series of questions being asked of you and your intended usage. What the specification of your car is and if you plan any improvements or upgrades other than to the suspension. All of the answers to these questions influence my advice and choice of Caterham Shock Absorber specification.

We now have a significant data bank of damper dyno tests, knowledge both from my own experience competing in the Lotus 7 Clubs Speed Championship and generally driving a 7 for nearly 30 years. This experience has been added to by asking questions of others and trying different setups out.

We are independent of all the manufacturers and can, therefore, recommend the best product for your requirements and budget.  More recently we have partnered with TracTive to create the CORE Suspension brand/label.  Please take a look at the Buyers Guide for more information.

With Nitron, Quantum, Penske, and CORE all having their place in our selection.

We offer springs from, Eibach, Hyperco, D Faulkner.

If you would like to know more then please give me a call – just make sure you have a coffee in your hand as it may take a while 🙂