AIM G Dash

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AIM G Dash

AiM G-Dash Digital Display for EVO4
A small, flexible, fully configurable graphical display, showing the data sampled by EVO4 with a precise and enjoyable visualization.

With G-Dash you keep constantly under control lap times and all values coming from the ECU, from the accelerometers and from the GPS built in EVO4, besides receiving information from the on-board camera SmartyCam HD.

G-Dash swaps among pages showing lap times and data in a 100% customizable way: just choose your data and create your pages displaying up to 4 fields each.
The “RPM and Lap Time” page layout is also available to display RPM Graph, Lap Time and two channels of your choice.

Lap times
You can visualize the rolling time, or static or predictive lap time (as an absolute value or as a difference vs. the Best Lap).

Six RGB shift lights can be configured for each gear, choosing LED color and RPM threshold values which will turn it on/off.

Alarms are managed in a very flexible way: you can choose the situation that generates the alarm, the LED behavior (blinking frequency and color) when the alarm appears and the conditions for its switch-off. A warning message can also be shown.

Recall a data summary at the end of each session: the four fastest laps, total running time and total run distance, together with max. RPM and speed values.
You can also see a list of all the laps of the session, with their times and min/max speed.

Configuration of Shift lights, alarms and customized data pages is intuitive and immediate using the dedicated Race Studio 2 software or even with few keyboard clicks.

Its small dimension makes it particularly suitable for small cockpit installation (i.e. bikes, formula cars).
Totally in aluminum, with edge-to-edge glass and metallic pushbuttons, G-Dash is robust and fully waterproof.

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