CL Brakes RC5 Caterham Standard Caliper
June 2, 2016
CL Brakes RC6 New Caterham Front Caliper
June 2, 2016
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CL Brakes RC5 New Caterham Front Caliper

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CL Brakes RC5 New Caterham Front Caliper


RC5plusA highly versatile compound that has a wide range of applications, especially if lower brake dust and squeal are a priority. RC5+ are kinder on discs and still offer fantastic stopping power, and are perfect for use with treaded tyres on trackdays. This compound has the the lowest co-efficiency in the range, and can be used with other CL Brake pads to find your perfect level of brake balance without the need of fitting a brake bias.

All CL compounds have minimal compound compression, this means minimal losses from your brake pedal to the friction surfaces, giving a more accurate and solid feel right up to “lock up”.
You can use our range of compounds to customise the behaviour of your race car, should you need to bias the front to rear balance of your car, especially in the absence of a bias control valve.
Bedding in process is minimal, two or three medium compression stops is all that is needed, combined with CL properties of high retardation even at low temperatures, mean that CL Brakes are very easy and straightforward to use and benefits are instantaneous.
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