Tracsport LSD Ford Differential

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Caterham Tracsport LSD for Ford Differential

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Tracsport LSD – Ford Differential

We offer and recommend the Tracsport Limited Slip Diff.   This design and specification offers increased torque capacity than other LSD units whilst remaining much quieter in operation and significantly longer service intervals.

Simon has been using this Limited Slip Diff in his Hayabusa Caterham Hillclimb and Sprint car for nearly 5 years.  With all other specifications on the car remaining constant start revs have had to be doubled to prevent the car stalling.  In the past we have had to launch with 4000 – 4500 rpm, now we regularly need 8000rpm.  This is a clear indication that both wheels are locking and gripping whereas in the past one wheel must have been slipping.  A new record or PB has been set at every event where conditions have been dry throughout the year. (2017).  With no other changes that’s impressive.

We can also say that the diff is silent.  A testament to Steve Perks design and build of the diff.






The Tracsport Sierra 7” LSD has been developed and tested over a five year period. It has been fitted into a Caterham Duratec race car, replacing a standard ZF LSD. Instant improvements of lap times were achieved of up to two seconds per lap.

The Caterham was able to negotiate corners faster, with a reduction in power oversteer on the limit, enabling the car to handle better. Another enhancement was greatly increased acceleration from a standing start.

This LSD is capable of transferring torque at least double that of any currently available Sierra 7” LSD. There is also minimal noise (NVH) during use.

In four years of racing/testing the static preload stayed exactly the same with no drop-off, the LSD was checked after season two and four of racing with no wear & scoring of the plates.

If a plate type LSD is capable of doing its job of preventing wheel spin, then the internal components will not be articulating under load resulting in no additional heat build-up and associated wear.

If an LSD suffers from scored worn-out plates then it is simply not capable of dealing with the torque being transferred through it.

We can now also provide and fitting service for the LSD.  This can be in the form of a differential delivered to us for fitting or indeed “drive in and drive out” – not the same day though!


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