Tillet B6 GRP Seat with covering

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The B4 Race Car SeatThe GRP B4 seat has been made to allow fitment into some of the narrowest vehicles around. Although light it is still rigid due to its twin skin construction and it holds the driver in a comfortable incl

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The Tillet B6 GRP seat with covering is a narrow seat suited to many kit and track day cars. Its driving angle is based on our popular Caterham R500 seat but it has some important differences. The headrest has been moved back to prevent the drivers head from being pushed forward when using a crash helmet and the shoulder belt holes have been designed to allow the use of a Hans device.

The hip holes have also been enlarged to help easier access for wider lap belts. The composite shell is made so that the outer edge can be either removed for narrow 40 cm tubs or left on to create a continuous rolled edge around the whole perimeter of the seat. It is then 43cm wide. The B6 is available in Carbon/GRP or Black GRP and is supplied complete with a Dinamica ® suede covered headrest pad as standard. It can also be supplied with matching back and cushion panels at extra cost. The weight of an carbon/GRP B6 is 3.75 kg.

The mounting points for the B6 are under the seat so that the TR1 Tillett Adjustment Runners can be bolted directly to the underneath (Please note that the runners must be spaced 1 cm from the underside of the seat to give clearance for the handle to operate). Mounting of the seat is also possible straight to the floor using a piece of 25 mm box section or runner system and Nylon spacers can be supplied to tip the seat at different angles
(Please note that the Caterham R500 seat is only available through Caterham.)
The B6 F is the same inner shape as the regular B6 but it has a super strong full rear frame.
The seat weigh’s 7.9 kg in GRP form and is also available with a carbon fibre front skin.
The seat has side mounts and uses the TB1 brackets to floor fit. It also has upper and headrest mountings for total rigidity and security.

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