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February 28, 2014
February 28, 2014
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SPA LeMans GT Mirror

£39.90 + VAT


SPA LeMans GT Mirror

The design’s range of SPA LeMans GT Mirror car mirrors has once again been expanded and now caters for an even wider spectrum of Formulas. With mirrors to fit most formulas including Indy Car, Le-Mans, Touring, F3, sports, GT and the latest generation F3000, the SPA range offers a mirror to fit almost all applications. Styled for optimum performance our car mirrors are available with high impact nylon bodies in either Black or White. Carbon Fibre bodies are available on some of the mirror range as is a choice of flat or convex glass.Car Mirrors – SPA Design’s range of mirrors now caters for an even wider spectrum of Formula’s.

SPA Design’s Le mans and GT Mirrors conform to the required regulations which state that the minimum reflective surface area must be 100cm², the SPA Mirror has a reflective surface area of 100.64cm²


Prices for the SPA LeMans GT Mirror start at the indicated price for flat glass.  Please see our SPA LeMans GT Mirror package also.

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Weight 5 kg