Nitron By Meteor Full Service

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Nitron By Meteor. We can now upgrade your existing mono Nitron dampers to our specification and valve settings.This includes a “Full” service and rebuild.

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Nitron by Meteor Full Service

The regular Nitron Service costs are £95/damper + vat for a 1 way damper and £125/damper for the 3 way.   If your dampers already have our valving this is the total cost excluding shipping.

However, if you have standard Nitron specification or any other non Meteor valving we can offer the same service for an additional £20/ damper.  Your upgraded Nitron by Meteor full service units will have the same benefits of the new Nitron by Meteor NTR1’s.  This is the full disassembly of the entire damper and replacement of all seals and oil. It also includes the service of the nitrogen reservoir/floating piston.

Similarly, the NTR3 can have this upgraded valving at a cost of £20/damper.

When being reassembled the damper is filled with new oil and then dyno tested to ensure a good match with its corresponding item on the car.

Development of the Nitron damper range has not stopped. We have continued to improve the NTR1.  We have two different valve combinations available as standard that we would recommend.  This will be dependant upon the car specification and use. We can discuss this at the time of service and decide upon the best specification for you.

The first option is our newest specification that draws on our most recent experience and is the softer more road orientated set up.

The second option can be selected if most driving is completed on track by more powerful cars and those which perhaps use slick tyres.

All dampers will be dyno tested. This in itself is valued at £125.00 + vat.  This makes the Nitron By Meteor Re-valve & Full Service extremely good value.

Everyone services their engines and other mechanicals. Suspension seems to be treated as fit and forget. From our experience, this should not be the case. Dampers need servicing as do all mechanical components.

We are Approved Nitron Service Agents.

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