Nitron By Meteor NTR3 Pro 46mm Suspension

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Nitron By Meteor. These Nitron NTR3 dampers are the next evolution of our recent successful 1 Way adjustable dampers for Caterham 7.

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Nitron By Meteor NTR3 Pro 46mm Suspension kit is significant set up from the NTR3 (40mm). Development of the Nitron damper range has not stopped.

The Nitron NTR3 Pro 46mm until recently has not been something I would have recommended for use with a lightweight car.  It has not been able to flow enough oil at low speed damper movement (giving to firm a ride).  Now though following work with our Autograss customers I am able to use a high flow 46mm piston in the build specification.  This now means that the 46mm Pro damper performs exactly as required.  With the benefits arising from greater oil capacity and strength it’s a great damper that should be considered.

Using the past 11 years of successful competition knowledge we have again improved on the suspension dynamics for the 7. The new units are only available from ourselves or our agents such as Partridge Green Motorsport.

From the outside the units will look the same but internally they have been re engineered. The reason behind the noticeable difference from the standard Nitron to the Meteor version is due to the internal valving. The forces and flow rate across the piston and through the shaft are in our opinion and that of many customers who have tried both better than standard, allowing us to control the fluid flow more efficiently, thus making a noticeable difference to the handling performance and ride quality.

Currently the standard Nitron is very heavily valved on rebound with little compression valving. The Nitron by Meteor damper will run similar forces bump to rebound as it gives better stability of the vehicle.

This kit is designed for serious race use and as such incorporates high and low speed bump control valves for further chassis fine tuning. By adjusting either bump or rebound damping the damping ratio can be adjusted, however the extra adjustment over the R1 opens up many more options during the setup process. For example the high speed damping can be kept soft so the car is not thrown by running kerbs, whilst not compromising body control in the transient cornering phase (turn in, applying power). The low speed control is more concerned with grip. Softening the low speed will increase the grip, useful if suffering from power-oversteer. The NTR Race R3 remote reservoir kit provides yet another level of performance over the 1-way and 2-way kits, this is mainly due to the independent bump and rebound valving mechanisms and the low speed bleed reducing harshness and increasing grip further. Other benefits of remote reservoirs are higher fade resistance due to a higher oil volume, plus a larger surface area to radiate the heat to the atmosphere.
Custom spring and valving requirements can be specified. dard spring rates for this kit are 200 lbs/” front,130 lbs/” rear.

The picture show the dampers with our twin spring upgrade kit.

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