Quantum Zero

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The Quantum Zero, One Zero and Two.Zero belong to a family of mono-tube shock absorbers with excellent interchangeability of parts.

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Quantum Zero

The Quantum Zero is the base model and specification to a family of mono-tube shock absorbers with excellent interchangeability of parts.

When we were challenged to produce an affordable shock for one-make race series and the aftermarket, there was one area in which we were unwilling to compromise: quality. And the way we see it, the only way to guarantee that is to keep design and manufacture in house. All QUANTUM ZERO shocks are manufactured at our premises in Sussex, with the bare minimum of sundry items bought in from established suppliers in the United Kingdom and Europe.

ZERO shock bodies are thread cut to allow preload adjustment of the road spring. The female thread form also appears inside the shock bottom. This means the same thread can be used for spring preload adjustment and assembly, reducing tooling costs and time spent on the machine.  Similarly, the pressure fitting and its o-ring seal are concealed beneath a spherical joint. This allows the fitting to be quickly and easily turned on the lathe and the number of component parts is reduced – but it also means the joint can protect the fitting from the elements and ensure the long-term integrity of the seal. And, because there’s no adjuster mechanism to pack with road dirt and grime, that’s one less point of failure to worry about.

The benefits of fixed bleed aren’t limited to reduced complexity and improved durability. Because no adjuster rod passes up the middle of the shaft, the shaft diameter can be reduced to 12mm without compromising integrity. Reducing the shaft diameter reduces friction at the seal pack and the volume of fluid displaced. And less displaced fluid means less floating piston travel – yet again reducing friction and change in gas pressure throughout the operating stroke.

We have been working with Quantum throughout 2013 and early 2014 in order to bring a new specification damper with outstanding performance and a #MadeinBritain feel and quality. Well now they have arrived.

The Quantum Zero damper is a fantastic mid level damper. It has none of the “complication” that many people feel may find them “getting lost” on settings. Zero adjustment means that its is a simple job to fit to the car.  Set the ride heights and off you go.  You can rely on Meteor Motorsports valve settings so that you know the car will ride and handle as expected. Fully upgradeable in the future, they can be rebuilt into the One Zero or Two Zero specification.

These dampers have been specified to our own dimensions and valving.

These suspension kits can be supplied with either Faulkner or Suplex Springs. Price below is for Faulkner springs.

Our own recommendation would be Suplex which has an additional cost of £100.00 + vat

We are Approved Quantum Service Agents.

The document below is the Quantum Zero Damper Manual – very informative reading.


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