Caterham 620R MBE Pneumatic Paddle Shift

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Pneumatic Gear Shift System. Includes, GCU, Compressor/Accumulator, Actuator,Paddle assembly, Valve Assembly, MBE connector, and pneumatic throttle blipper.

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Caterham 620R MBE Pneumatic Paddle Shift

We have now assembled what we believe to be is the best combined system for a Pneumatic Paddle Shift System. Using tried and tested elements from manufacturers such as Radical Performance Engineering for the Accumulator, compressor, (gear position sensor when installing with a Hayabusa) and Paddle assembly. We then pair this with the fantastic MBE 9A9 ECU, pneumatic valve block and actuator.

Our Caterham 620R MBE Pneumatic Paddle Shift is a “closed loop + ” type and has many parameters available for easy alteration or setup. It also has the ability to be extended and integrated with a traction control/launch control system. It has many functions that other systems simply do not have that allow faster and more accurate control of the gear change procedure.

Save your Gearbox. Save your Engine. Ask for a down change when the revs are still to high and the system will not allow the change. Select the Auto Race function and have auto upshifts at preset figures. In full auto mode you can have auto down change also.

620R MBE Pneumatic Paddle Shift also includes the new top of the Range MBE 9A9 ECU which has many functions not available on the 9A4 currently installed on your car.

All of the above parts are now well tested by a number of competitors.

The Caterham 620R MBE Pneumatic Paddle Shift kit includes the following;

MBE9A9 ECU – Has the Gear Control Unit included.
Throttle Blipper
Valve Block
Replacement Engine Loom (Motorsport Specification – needed due to ECU Change.)

We will also arrange the installation if required.

Call us to discuss your installation of the Meteor Pneumatic Paddle Shift System.

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