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One of our key disciplines here at Meteor Motorsport. Over the past 6 years we have expanded our range of suppliers and the specialist equipment, knowledge and training received. We have our own SPA BTP2000 suspension dyno (you will find a specification for this machine on our suspension and testing information page). We also use a vacuum bleeding machine an all our dampers where ever possible for best filling results.

homepage sWe have set out to represent and supply a range of manufacturers with leading brands like Penske, Quantum, Ohlins, Nitron and AVO. Our pricing structure ensures we make the same margin on each brand – doing this means we have no bias toward any manufacturer other than a performance one. We will always offer you the customer the best product for your requirements. Whether it’s Road Suspension, Track Day Suspension, Rally, Autograss or Race Suspension you need Call us to talk through the best option for you and your car.

Its important to us that you get the most suitable set of suspension for your vehicle and use. Why? Well we want you to call us back in the future. This can be for a service, dyno check or to upgrade to the next performance specification.

Long term customer relationships are important to us. We offer discounts for long term service agreements.

There are so many specifications and options available it is impossible to list a price for each car and damper combination. You will therefore find information about each brand and their performance benefits on each page along with selected car products. The next step will be for you to contact us be email or telephone to discuss your requirements. We can then provide you with an accurate quotation tailored to your needs.

We Service most of the above damper brands on site ensuring a quick turn around.


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