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CClosed Loop Flatshift

TTT Racing Products

TTT Racing Products is a development and marketing company with both systems and components for the racing industry. We have a long experience of embedded systems and always look for the simple and reliable solutions. Some of TTT’s senior officers race and use their own products and so have first hand experience with their operation and can speak to customers who also use them.

Meteor Motorsport is pleased to be working in partnership with TTT-Racing We are the sole UK and NZ distributors of their unique closed loop Flatshift gear change system.

The TTT802 Gearposition and Rpm Indicator with Closed Loop Flatshift, Paddleshift, Gearcut and Throttle Blip will take your driving into a new dimension. Shifting Gear with full throttle in just a few milliseconds will give you the same advantage that many of today’s winners already have discovered.

We supply innovative solutions in the Motorsport area. If you need Gearbox related electronics, sensors or interfaces you have come to the right place! Enter our website and find out about the products and services we can provide!


Download the “How to Connect to your ECU Instruction Sheet” and the FAQ for TTT-Racing

TTT Products - Closed Loop Flatshift