Engine Management

MBE, Elise Racing (HREL) – We can supply any of the three manufacturers products listed on this page. We would generally work with MBE as our experience is more significant with this manufacturer. Indeed we use MBE products ourselves.

There are applications which require different products which are more suitable for particular installations from Life and Elise Racing. All are established and provide high end products.


  • MBE 9A9

    £1,995.00 + VAT
  • MBE 9A4

    £545.00 + VAT
  • MBE 9A6

    £2,250.00 + VAT
  • MBE 9A8

    £730.00 + VAT
  • MBE 9MD Display

    £560.00 + VAT
  • MBE 9MD Display Harness

    £120.16 + VAT