Stuart Miller
February 19, 2014
Mike Riley
June 12, 2014


Suspensions are so personal,true they have to be valved correctly, and then adjustable for application, Simon at Meteor and Penske UK did a 1st class job with proper service on a set of Penske 3 ways that transformed my car, a setting for every occasion and assistance from both camps are very impressive, custom built and checked by Penske UK and then by Simon before they shipped. Springs by Suplex, made in Sweden and sold by others that brand them as their the very best you can,buy it once,to put it into perspective the last track day at brands started dry and my settings were mid way the car was a dream it went very wet and then the car became the usual high powered caterham handful,I softened everything off and it was again a delight, like it was in the dry I could not believe the change.