Penske 8700 for Caterham 7
February 27, 2015

Penske 8700 3 way

Posted on Pistonheads recently.

 Hi Jim I had the same from Penski via simon, they transformed my car, much much easier to control on the limit and grip in the wet is fantastic even on 15″ CR500’s. simply the best money can buy, and you can tell!!!


“Hi Nigel, I’ve raced and rallied, bikes and cars I’ve built and looked after Britcar/touring cars with all the leading damper makes, you have to experience them on a seven, they transform it, and make up for the lack of talent!!!I think that on most other cars you would have to be very talented to tell between the leading makes but as you know change the slightest thing on a seven and it will tell you, they are 4k and yes they are the best yes, 260bhp in a seven do we need it? sequential box? etc etc it is truly subjective, as I also say pay your money and enjoy.I’m 75% through supercharging my 260bhp 180 lb ft K20 honda which will go up to circa 400 bhp 300 lb ft, why? because I want to and can (madness)? maybe, but very challenging and rewarding.Oh and the support and info that Simon has to offer must be worth £500.00 helping with your selection and you get that for free, plus he sells all of the options so again make your choice and pay for it, he didn’t railroad me into Penske infact he quoted for Ohlins, but I wanted remote 3ways. they are a thing of beauty!!!”