MBE 9MD Display

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MBE 9MD Club Specification Display


The MBE9MD display comes fully configured and will automatically connect to the MBE 9A4, 9A8, 9A9 & 9A6 ECUs. It is full touch screen even with race gloves on, the user will be able to reconfigure through the screen the information shown on the display, including warning parameters as well as accessing it with Easimap 6 to change more advanced information.
It has shift lights and will show, depending on the sensors available at your ECU, gear position, oil temperature & pressure, fuel pressure, engine temperature, rpm, mph, battery voltage plus more functions being added. The display uses a thin film transistor LCD colour screen, the same technology as used on laptops and PC.
Suitable for all engines using the current 9A range of MBE ECUs (9A4, 9A8, 9A6 & 9A9), please ensure your 9A# ECU has (9A#be871 or later ECU Easimap 6 software installed.
The latest MBE9MD display software and updates are available to download: 9mda0052-release
Latest MBE9MD display software and map BOX file update, please Right click and Save Link As, then Select Desktop and Save: 9MDa0052-Release (please ensure your 9A# ECU has 9A#be871 or later ECU software installed). Please view video to show to update your display or take to your dealer.

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